Turning Souls

I’m growing an idea about people having already decided as to how they want to go when they die. I was of the idea that most (all) people waited until the end to desperatly reach out for Heaven. But I’m seeing that there are “some” people acting with evil intent, and trying in ernest to turn others away from seeking heaven (or God even).

   There is a definate hirarchy of “demons”. One vile/evil person, followed closely by a henchman, followed loosly by a looser – one without any real character.

   The demon is commited, he’s not turning back to good. The henchmen are invested, looking for the pay-off, they could back-out, but really can’t. They greed the pay-off.

   The looser? His way out? He needs to be let go. He’s caught in the wake of a huge ship, too weak to crest the waves. He’s doomed, unless the power of prayer can reach across the divide, and free him from the vortex of evil. ?  idunno