Pressing People

Everyone (?) Thinks they have a personal interest in furnishing proofs of an offense and in arresting the guilty party.

A. Tocqueville

Laws are the children of customs.


Americans love their towns for the same reasons Highlanders love their mountains.

Because union with his fellows seems useful to him and he knows that this union is impossible without a regulating authority.

A very civilized society finds it hard to tolerate attempts at freedom in a local community; it is discussed by it’s numerous blunders and it’s apt to despair of success before the experiment is over.

The return to books

The problem begins with audiobooks, and ends with multimedia – with a short journey though movie deals in the middle.

  • Bibliotheca – In the beginning. If it was anything, it was written. On stone, clay, wood, paper… If the information was important, somebody somewhere would figure out some way to write it down.
  • Books: Eventually, some people began to enjoy reading. And then, of course, some people enjoyed having their work read. Q2
  • Audiobooks – Read me a book mommie 🙂 kills the connection with the author and replaced it with a connection to the orator. Mommie, show me the pictures.
  • Chapter Books: Adult books (no pix) for “smart kids”. Great for authors who wanted a tight connection to a reader. But when books started going to screen (and making big bucks) authors gave way to writers, and writers wrote screen plays to make max money.
  • Multimedia – Allows for printed text, but “black & white” can’t compete with star-spangled. And really, it shouldn’t even try.

If I am going to read a book, it needs to be obligatory. The only way I can have the experience is tough a dead-tree.

What NEEDS to be on paper?

Q1. Do PDF’s work/count?

Q2. Writers Vs. Authors?

Brain Work

  1. Study how, and what, you learn best.
  2. Repeat those behaviors that are health for your brain.
  3. And break those behaviors and habits that are not.
  4. Practice.

Leaning is about doing the work that *your* brain requires.

Lara Boyd

Song of myself

  1. People are more alike than they think.
  2. What people believe about themselves, or what they would like to believe, doesn’t vary much from person to person.
  3. Each person is convinced that he or she is unique.

Sheena Iyengar