In his 2016 book, Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari develops the concept of “data” being the all. That the movement of information is the force behind all. That datum have an impulse to propagate, much as life want’s to procreate, much because life is a vehicle for data.

He argues that the effective flow of data equals the measure of success of any species, civilization, business… organization… religion… ANYTHING.

He argues that can be (is?) a religion in itself. I suppose that a religious analogy:

  • Heaven: Eternal life in the data stream
    – facebook, twitter, social media.
  • Excommunicated: Account frozen
    – Punished for noncompliance.
  • Sainted: Glorified
    – Promoted in searches.
  • Hell: Completely deleted
    – Forever forgotten, Never existed.

What are we trying to do?
Simple sentence statements:
Improve/Increase data flow.

Why are we doing it?
The purpose of life is to attain everything.
Everything known is everything one.

Where do “I” fit in?
Say in a way that is portable.
“What can I do, that only I can do, that’s my part.
Critical role/skill/talent”.
Critical players.

Levels of complexity:
Growth creates complexity.
Complexity destroys clarity.
*** Require simplicity ***
Clarity is the MOST important.

Simple Vs Simplistic:
Simplistic = shallow and fast.
Complex = Deep and slow.
Simple = Deep and fast?

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