Leading Vs Following

The REAL leaders are the people working toward a cause, ideal, a philosophy. They may attract fame, fortune and power – But that’s all secondary.

The faux leader, puppet, boss. Is driven completely by personal needs. Needs for greed, impress others, validate there existence, improve their environment… They may be supporting a real leader/idea, but their base driving force is personal gain.

The commoner is openly self-oriented and just surviving.

Pruning buds to conserve resources.

The sick and won’t get well people.

Add value to people “Every Day” ! ! !

Delegate weakness ? 😉

Who’s my Alpha-Dog?

A healthy degree of paranoia:
Your never as good as they paint you.
Your never as bad as they paint you.

Happy to be here – but ready to leave.

2nd Principle

We crave happiness. We evolved to survive, but we NEED to be happy.

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Fun / play
  • Excitement

And more, all plug into HAPPINESS.

These are also the tools/weapons that we use again fear (of death).

1st Principle

We fear the unknown.

We fear death – All of us – Because NOBODY knows. KNOWS

There are degrees of ignorance, of self-delusion. And in your heart of hearts you can “know” … some dogma…

At the bitter end, it’s unknown, it’s fear…


One day you are going to lose everything you have.
Nothing will prepare you for that day.
Not faith… Not religion… Nothing.

If you are someone who has nothing to lose,
then your lesson is a much more difficult one.

(John Bergin)


Most people don’t want/need/desire *freedom* – They crave “equality”. They would prefer equality under oppression to inequality from freedom. (DeTocville)