The return to books

The problem begins with audiobooks, and ends with multimedia – with a short journey though movie deals in the middle.

  • Bibliotheca – In the beginning. If it was anything, it was written. On stone, clay, wood, paper… If the information was important, somebody somewhere would figure out some way to write it down.
  • Books: Eventually, some people began to enjoy reading. And then, of course, some people enjoyed having their work read. Q2
  • Audiobooks – Read me a book mommie 🙂 kills the connection with the author and replaced it with a connection to the orator. Mommie, show me the pictures.
  • Chapter Books: Adult books (no pix) for “smart kids”. Great for authors who wanted a tight connection to a reader. But when books started going to screen (and making big bucks) authors gave way to writers, and writers wrote screen plays to make max money.
  • Multimedia – Allows for printed text, but “black & white” can’t compete with star-spangled. And really, it shouldn’t even try.

If I am going to read a book, it needs to be obligatory. The only way I can have the experience is tough a dead-tree.

What NEEDS to be on paper?

Q1. Do PDF’s work/count?

Q2. Writers Vs. Authors?

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